Skilhunt DS20 480 Lumens Flashlight w/ M1 Charger Bundle & Keeppower 18650 3500mah Package

Skilhunt DS20 480 Lumens Flashlight w/ M1 Charger Bundle & Keeppower 18650 3500mah Package

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The Skilhunt DS20 is approximately the same size and weight as the DS21 High Output Torch. The difference however, lies in the purpose.
Whereas the DS21 emphasize on High Power Output, the DS20 shines on run-time efficiency. On the lowest setting, it can run up to 240 hours. That is 10 days, non-stop!
On it's Turbo output, it can last about 2hours of continous use. With 480 lumens, the light is capable of throwing up to 120 meters.
The body is specifically designed to work as a robust frame, as well as a heat dissipating cooling body.
The CREE XM-L2 LED has a lifespan of about 50,000 hours, making this item last almost a lifetime, when taken care of properly.
With 4 different mode settings and a strobe function, this device has everything you need in a compact torch.
If you are not fond of charging your devices on a regular basis and are after a no-fuzz torch/flashlight. then this one is for you.
For a slightly more smaller and versatile option, you can check out theDS16 Compact Flashlight and DS10 Mini Flashlight.
Available for purchase as a "Unit Only", "w/ Charger" and w/ "Keeppower Li-ion"
The Keeppower 3500mah battery included in this kit is capable of powering your Skilhunt flashlight for a long time, while it's protection circuit ensures that operation tolerances is within scope.
DS20 18650 EDC LED flashlight
Max output: 480 Lumens
Max runtime:240 hrs
Max beam distance: 123 meters
Max peak beam intensity: 3800cd
Waterproof: IPX-8
Impact resistant: 1.5 Meter
Battery: 1×18650 or 2x CR123A,2x RCR123
Rated Range: 3V ~ 9V
Length 110mm/4.33inch
Head diameter 24mm/0.94inch
Body diameter 22.8mm/0.9inch
Weight: 55g / 1.9oz (without battery)
Accessories: Clip, lanyard, magnet replace O-ring, Operator’s manual, Warranty card, Spare O-ring
Optional Accessories: Headband,Battery,Battery Charger
1. Super bright & lastest CREE XM-L2 LED, High-performance, High-efficiency and energy conservation.
2. Durable aluminum vacuum plating reflector, Efficiency reflection, perfect beamshot, excellent structure
and temperature resistance.
3. Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with 99% luminousness anti-reflective coating.
4. Rugged indestructible aluminum body with anti-scratching type III hard anodization.
5. Multi-level dissipating heat design, excellent heat dissipation. Flashlight head integrated construction, high
thermal conductivity.
6. Side switch button to transferring mode user-friendly interface to adjust output.
7. Four output levels and strobe, suitable for different environment.
8. Wide input range provides more choices of batteries.
9. Automatic memory function, remember bast used setting and can be preset to specific output mode
for instant access.
10. Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery installation.
11. Low-voltage prompts function, the light will flash when the battery is low, remind user replace the battery
on time.
12. Engineered anti-slip knurling for a tightly firm grip.
13. Dual recoil absorbing springs, battery impact resistance.
14. Tail stand as a candle-light.
15. Tail hand hole design for lanyard use, to prevent accidental dropping.
1. Battery installation & Replace magnet: Insert the battery into the flashlight,the battery positive pole
toward the light head.  Ensure batteries are inserted correctly,the flashlight will not operate with
incorrectly inserted batteries. Ensure when the light turning on,the beam is directed away from the eyes.
When take the light with Bankcards(magnetic) or Cell phone,should replaced Magnet with O-ring.
2. Flashlight turning on/off: When the flashlight was OFF status:
Press the side switch to memorized brightness level.
Press and hold the side switch 0.5 second,to low mode.
Quickly double press side switch to turbo mode.
When the flashlight was ON(any mode) status:
Press and hold the side switch 0.5 second to turn off.
3. Brightness & mode selection: Brightness level:
Press side switch to Low-Mid-High-Turbo, cycle.
Special modes:
Quickly double press the side switch to Strobe (10Hz),Press side switch back to previous brightness level.
4. Low voltage indication
When the battery voltage drop down,the red indicator will blink twice every seconds.

What is an EDC Torch?
An EDC(Every Day Carry) Torch/Flashlight has to be compact enough to be carried every day. Most high powered flashlights out there are too bulky to carry around so they end up not being used. Skilhunt saw this void and decided to design products that can be compact and light, yet able to harness the full potential of new High Output LED's.The result, the Skilhunt EDC range.


This light is powered by Lithium Batteries. Lithium batteries are classified as dangerous goods. Always use QUALITY PROTECTED batteries and chargers. NEVER leave batteries inside the unit when not in use. NEVER fully discharge the batteries. Battery leaks and corrosion are NOT covered by warranty. By purchasing this item, you agree that you understand the dangers of using lithium batteries and knowledgeable in handling them.We are not responsible for injuries or damages caused by improper use of batteries, use of unapproved/uncertified generic batteries, or due to negligence.

Warranty:24 Months Australia Warranty

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