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Buy Now, Pay Later. With ZERO Interest

Tomtek Outdoors has partnered with both ZipPay and AfterPay to offer you a way to purchase your goods NOW, and Pay for it later...with ZERO Interest.
Unlike traditional "Lay-by" schemes, we ship your item/s right after your order is confirmed, despite you not needing to pay for it straight away. All the items in our shop can be availed through them. Despite offering a similar type of service, they do have some differences. We will outline the general stuff here.

ZipPay offers its approved customers up to 60 days to pay off their purchases - with no fees. If you choose to carry over your balance past that time, you can - provided you pay an "account fee" of $5 a month, and pay a minimum of $40/month. Your purchases will not incur any interest whatsoever, as long as you maintain that $5 fee and pay the minimum $40.
There are no sign up fees with ZipPay. Application can be done through our store's checkout and literally takes seconds to know if you have been approved or not.
ZipPay allows their customers to choose a payment method that suits them, be it weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
Learn about how you can buy now and pay later with zipPay

AfterPay allows their customers to purchase our goods now, and pay for it over four equal fortnightly instalments. They do not charge interest on your purchases. If you are in some way, unable to fulfil those requirements, you will be charged a late fee of $10, and a further $7 if the amount due is not settled within 7 days.
There are no sign up fees, and application can be done instantly, through our store checkout.
For more information, checkout the AfterPay website.


Q: How do I apply with ZipPay and Afterpay?
You can apply for an account through their websites, or choose the option upon checkout on our site. You will be prompted to log-in or create an account after.
Q: Am I eligible to apply?
Each company have slightly different requirements and criteria. However, these are the main requirements:
- Be at least 18 years of age
- Australian Resident
- Have good credit standing 
Q: Will my order be shipped straight away?
Yes! Once an order is approved, ZipPay / AfterPay pays us straight away for you. Your repayments will be between you and them. As far as we're concerned, you've already paid for it. 
Q: Can I get a refund if I pay through ZipPay / AfterPay?
Of course! Our refund policy still applies, irregardless of payment method. However, you will be refunded based on the payment method you used (No cash refunds if you paid for the item using these services) 
Q: What if my order exceeds my approved limit?
ZipPay allows you to do a co-payment, using a debit/credit card. For example, if you would like to purchase a $1,600 order but only have a limit of $1000, you can pay the $1000 using your ZipPay credit, and the remaining $600 by card.
Unfortunately, AfterPay does not allow co-payments/part-payments.
Q: What if my order got declined?
Unfortunately, approval of orders is governed directly by these companies. If they do not approve, then you can not settle payment using their services.
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